biggest loserThe latest news from the Biggest Loser, whilst an amazing achievement, also sets unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for those in the ‘real world’ wanting to lose weight. Whilst stories like this can inspire, they also often undermine the average person’s ability to succeed as they struggle with thoughts of inadequacy and failure. I have always been divided in my thoughts for the Biggest Loser; so many amazing success stories on one hand, inspirational to some, but I feel leaving a legacy of unhealthy and unrealistic expectations to the larger percentage of the population.

The original story is below…what are your thoughts?

Sonja Bella
Australian Institute of Weight Loss Consultants


BIGGEST Loser contestant Cameron has shocked by shedding the most amount of weight within the first week in the history of the Australian show.

The 34-year-old father-of-three stepped onto the scales to find he had lost a total of 15 kilograms in the first competitive weigh-in of the series during Sunday night’s episode.

The local supermarket store manager – who originally tipped the scales at 146.4kg – had dropped to 131.4kg, which is more than 10 per cent of his body weight. “That’s awesome, I don’t think I could have worked any harder if I tried,” he admitted, before breaking down into tears and admitting that his daughter’s reaction to his early death prediction spurred him to take action. “My daughter didn’t say anything, she just cried.”

Last week, a doctor told Cameron he was likely to die at the age of 52 if he didn’t drastically change his lifestyle. Coming in close to Cam’s impressive result was 34-year-old Craig, who lost 13.4 kilograms. Unfortunately for contestants Rodger and Mary, they were both put up for elimination after the Blue team fell below the yellow line. In the elimination room, the Black team had the final power to vote either of them out of the competition. Mary was given a second chance, while Rodger, a 51-year-old father-of-three, departed the house 5.9 kilograms lighter then when he arrived. Rodger returns home to Ararat to join Michelle’s secret Red team where he will get a chance to fight his way back into the competition.